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About us

We create showcases for world-class brands across the globe.

Rizlly’s young. There’s no grey hair – yet. But the Rizlly team shares more than 100 years’ deep retail experience. It could be a 1000 sqm complete store concept for a planet-sized brand. Or a one off compact POS unit. We’re not divas. Instead, we do whatever a project needs – with a laser-focus on quality and overcoming every obstacle. Tight timelines, tighter budgets, local laws and slow suppliers might all seem daunting. We know they’re not.

Admit it, you’re greedy. You want everything done.
On brief, on time, on budget – and perfect. No problem. From initial imagination to final millimeter-perfect installation, Rizlly handles every element of a retail project.
And whether it’s the design, engineering or production, we apply a military-mindset to get the right result. Your job? Sit back and try not to look too astonished.

Our office is in Prague. But our work is everywhere. We’ve installed world-class retail experiences across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.Location isn’t a problem. Neither are unit dimensions.Whatever the size of the challenge, Rizlly thinks big.

Now is always the best time. If you have a challenge for us, make it a great big fat one. We spend our downtime on skis, bikes, boats and snowboards. So we’re addicted to adrenaline. And that means pressure is something we never stress about. We work fast. An entire core store can be completed in just matter of weeks from brief to the first customer stepping in. Smaller units mean even shorter times. So if time isn’t on your side, Rizlly will be.

OK, you could say we have an attitude problem.
Rizlly’s attitude is that we’ve a lot to prove. Every challenge is a chance to show what makes us special. So your project is a shop window for us too. That’s why Rizlly thinks more, does more and achieves more. Once you`ve worked with us you`ll understand the “why”.